Why your product descriptions matter
Words about words – and how they can help your business
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Why your product descriptions matter


Selling your products across multiple channels has never been more important – and your product descriptions could be the difference between a sale made and a sale lost.

Customers expect to be able to find, investigate and buy your products in a variety of ways – in your store, on your own website and on partner and affiliate channels like Amazon or eBay.

And that means competition – competition on price, certainly, but also competition to make your product come across as better than anyone else’s.

How can you make your product descriptions work harder?

With just a little bit of thought, you can create product descriptions that really make your customers want to buy. So here’s how to make a start:

Check out the competition

How are your rivals describing their products? Take some time to do your research and see what you’re up against.

What matters to your customers?

Your product description should include the information you know your customers are looking for. That might be to do with using eco-friendly materials, or it might be that your product is hand-finished. Maybe it’s important to your customers that your products are made in the UK, or that each product is packaged in a particular way. Knowing what matters to your customers makes it easier to tailor your product descriptions accurately.

Sell the outcome, not the product

How will customers use your product? Create a description that lets them see themselves wearing or using your product. Give them ideas of what they could do with it or who they could gift it to – making a connection is much more likely to result in a sale than bland content.

Cross-sell and upsell

Why not use your product descriptions to encourage customers to buy more? Leading retailers do this all the time, and customers are used to being directed, so use the opportunity. Suggest things that your product might work well with, link to complementary items or suggest they buy more than one colour… whatever helps to increase the basket load.

Add a bit of humour

If it fits with your brand’s tone of voice and your customer profile, why not inject a bit of humour or quirkiness into your product descriptions? It will give your customers a breath of fresh air when they’re trawling online, and it could be the thing that tips the scales in your direction.

Time to have a quick look?

Perhaps it’s time to revisit your product descriptions, give them a bit of spit and polish and make sure that they’re appealing to exactly the audience you want to sell to. Or use the comments box below to share how you’ve used good product content to drive more sales to your business.

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