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Website copywriting – a new site for Crystal Clear Financial Services

I’m so pleased to see that Mike Brown’s website, Crystal Clear Financial Services, is up and running.

Mortgage banner

Financial services companies need to run all their marketing material through compliance teams to make sure it doesn’t make any unsubstantiated claims, or have the potential to mislead readers. Mike’s site has gone through this process and is now live and ready for business!

Website copywriting for Crystal Clear

This was a great project for lots of reasons. Firstly, I really like Mike’s approach to mortgage advice. He’s determined to make it as easy for his clients as possible, finding them the best deal for their circumstances, and giving them really useful advice.

This friendly, approachable but professional attitude needed to come across in his website, which had previously looked and sounded like any other mortgage advice site on the web.


We worked on clearly understanding Mike’s focus, his attitude to clients and understanding what those clients were looking for. This helped to form a tone of voice that is completely consistent with the way Mike and his team chat to clients, whilst also putting the emphasis on the reasons why clients are looking for an adviser.

Compliant copy

I’ve worked for financial service companies before, so I know how important it is to get the language right, so that readers are clear about what services are offered and that there are no spurious claims made.


Asking about required terms and language that should be avoided is part of my discovery process with any client, and helps to get the copy as close as possible to what’s needed first time round.

The new site

Mike’s new site has been built by d2 solutions – a great web development company that integrates lots of clever solutions into your website to make your business life easier. It’s great to see it live at last, and I hope that it drives some really good business to Mike’s door. Take a look and let me know what you think!

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