Social media guidelines and the need for clear communication
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Social media guidelines and the need for clear communication


Together with Hazel McLellan, Lyn French runs social media marketing consultancy, Jelliboo, which specialises in social media strategy, policy, planning and training. Lyn is particularly enthusiastic about helping businesses create strong, positive social media policies so that they – and their employees – know exactly how to manage social media on behalf of the business. You can visit the Jelliboo website to find out more or email  

Any business that has a social media policy in place, or is thinking of implementing one, should also have a set of guidelines for staff that complement the policy.  The purpose of guidelines is to have a much shorter document, very often just one page that sets out the key points of the social media policy and can be quickly accessed and understood, and this is the most important point.

To be effective, it must clearly communicate the key elements of your social media policy. By their very nature social media policies will be lengthy and wordy documents because they cover a lot of information – they are designed to protect a business and its employees in the event of any deliberate or accidental misuse or events. Guidelines, on the other hand, need to be easily read and understood and set out the parameters for using social media within the business or organisation.

We all know the expression ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ and it’s so appropriate when it comes to communicating to others something that you find easy to understand.  We can’t unlearn what we know, and when you’ve been instrumental in developing your policy and understand what it’s all about, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like for someone coming to it for the first time.

So how do you ensure that your time and effort in preparing a social media policy and subsequent accompanying guidelines isn’t wasted because you’re not getting your message across?  This is one of those times when using an expert can save you time money and effort.  A good copywriter will look at your policy and instantly know how to distil the content into a reader friendly format that will be easily understood. It will be an investment that you won’t regret.

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Does your business have a social media policy? How do you communicate it to employees? Let me know…

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