My name is Gill, and I'm an exhibitionist
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My name is Gill, and I’m an exhibitionist

A great-looking stand for Creative Copywriting and Boo Design!

Phew. It’s a relief to get that out into the open. After a great day at the Guildford Means Business exhibition in the very swanky G Live building in central Guildford, I can now count myself as a fully-fledged exhibitionist.

Of course, the right word for what I did yesterday was “exhibitor”, but actually, you have to tap into your exhibitionist tendencies to sign up for something like this and then to make it successful.

I’ve been an exhibitionist many times before – but always on behalf of another company, never as myself. So there’s a certain amount of apprehension that comes along with deciding to spend seven hours on your feet engaging strangers and building new relationships. However, as the lovely and motivational Ben Kench said in the free seminar that the Best of Guildford set up for us last month, it’s all about energy and asking the right question. Starting a conversation with someone, listening to them talk about their business and their plans is a great way to meet more people, raise your profile and add value to your business.

Production line: sweets at the ready for Creative Copywriting and Boo Design’s fortune sweetie giveaway.

So that’s what I did. Sharing a stand with the talented Jack Newman from Boo Design, we handed out bags of sweets which also contained a fortune cookie card. This was a great reason for people to stop and have a chat, creating a great buzz around our stand and giving visitors and other exhibitors the chance to find out more about what we do – individually and together.

Do you know, that seven hours went past pretty quickly. There were lots of people we didn’t see and lots of lovely new people we did. I don’t mind at all stepping out in front of people, offering them a freebie and having a great chat about their business and its challenges – that’s a great day’s work!

So, if you met us yesterday, thanks for stopping by. If you walked past and we were busy, say hello here, and we’ll arrange to have that chat. And if you didn’t see us at all, check out our websites, look us up on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or post a comment here and we’ll be in touch. We love meeting new people!

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