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Fit for print?


As I was driving to a meeting this morning, I let a van into the queue. It was smartly wrapped, with logos, designs and a list of main services, which were:

  • Roofing
  • Guttering
  • Fascia’s

I’ve got better things to do than make a big fuss about apostrophes, because to me, this is less about knowing your grammar and more about getting things checked before you pass them on.

In this instance, either the business emailed the vehicle wrapper with the words it wanted to appear on the car and got this one wrong, or it dictated over the phone and the printer got it wrong.

Don’t expect your printer to check your work

The printer’s job is to print. They do it brilliantly. They have all the kit, the finish is good, they can turn stuff around quickly. But they rarely check what you send them for accuracy. That’s your job.

Many designers are the same. I know some – including the lovely Boo Design – who will look over your copy and tell you if there are mistakes, but many won’t bother – they’ll assume you’ve thought about what you’re writing and that you’ve checked it before it gets to you.

That’s what proofs are for.

They certainly won’t be held responsible for any mistakes you see after the print has been done, if they can show that they simply used the words you sent them.

Get it written or get it checked

If your business is important to you, take the time to get these things right. Even if it’s just asking someone else to read it through, you could catch things before they end up as an expensive mistake.

If you really want to make a good impression, get someone else to write it for you. It’s one job less for you to do, and gives you the confidence that your words are working hard for you in the right places.

Let me know about places where you’ve seen spelling or grammar mistakes – and whether they put you off using the business!


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2 comments on “Fit for print?

  1. Emma Tarring on said:

    My daughter refused to stand in a queue in Sainsbury’s recently because it had a sign saying ‘Basket’s Only’. I admired the spirit, but could have done without wasting an extra ten minutes in the longer queue! Emma

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